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Afraid of diving a lane because TFs ult might be off cooldown?

Fear not! We have your back!


One of the key points to be a good player is to know when to trade and be aggressive. Players take decisive decisions depending on the state of spells/abilities, if it's on cooldown or not. There are more than a hundred champion and knowing the cooldown number of every ability is a tall order. We are hoping that players will up their game by making more accurate decisions and plan better without any fear.

What does LoLCooldown do?

  • Champ-Select & In-Game: The cooldowns of summoner spells & champion abilities will be displayed during champ-select & a live game. Active items and their cooldowns will be visible when they are purchased by players.
    Champ Select
    Live Game
  • Cooldown Reductions: LoLCooldown fetches the data (runes, items, etc...) to calculate 4 types of cooldown reductions:
    1. Summoner Spells: influenced by Cosmic Insight Ionion boots of lucidity Howling Abyss Aura
    2. Champion Abilities: influenced by items, 1-10lvl CDr mini rune Transcendence
    3. Ultimates: in addition to the ones mentioned above, they are influenced by Ultimate Hunter cloud buff
    4. Items: They are influenced by IngeniousHunter Cosmic Insight
    Ultimate and basic abilities CDR
    Items and Summoner spells CDR
    Note: LoLCooldown doesn't put the blue buff (10 ability haste) into consideration while calculating the CDr.
  • Abilities that decreases cooldowns: An icon will appear next to an ability to signify that the ability decreases cooldown (eg. Ezreal Q, Annie Q). Hovering over the ability to get more details. Knowing which ability has such effect is being extracted from leagueoflegends.fandom.
    pop information
    Ability information popup while hovering
  • Summoner Spell, Ultimate , Active item timer: Press on a summoner spell, an ultimate, or an active item to start a timer. The ultimate time is chosen dependant on the champion's level assuming that the player will prioritize ranking up the ultimate (e.g. lvl 6: rank 1, lvl 11: rank 2). When it's done, you will be notified by an alert (if you wanted); check the Settings section for the available alert sounds.
    pop information
    Teleport, ultimate, and everfrost timers
  • Basic and Advanced modes: What have you seen thus far is the advanced mode; if you are only interested in using the timers, then you can switch to basic mode in the settings to show the timers for the enemy team.
    pop information
    Basic mode


    Settings Window
    Settings Window
  • Cooldown Display: cooldowns are displayed either in seconds or minutes.
  • In-Game UI Mode Change between basic and advanced mode.
  • Relevant Ult CD: show only one ultimate CD dependant on the level (e.g. level 6: rank 1, level 11: rank 2).
  • Window Scale: changes windows scale.
  • Timer Sound: alert sound after a timer is donw.
  • Show/Hide Hotkey hotkey will toggle the window in-game. Press on the hotkey in the settings to update it.